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Ship Luggage - how to send a suitcase overseas?

Our door to door luggage shipping service allows you to travel hassle-free and send luggage abroad at the click of a button. Sherpr is the most reliable way to either send your suitcase overseas or ship it domestically.

What can I pack when shipping baggage?

Please refer to our prohibited items list to ensure you pack your suitcase for shipping correctly. You must adhere to the allocated weight allowance and dimensions, or risk incurring additional fees when you send luggage ahead. Please note that we do not accept duffle bags or rucksacks

How do I label & send my luggage?

If you've booked your suitcase shipping early enough, then we will send you a Sherpr pack containing a label pouch to fasten to your luggage, a checklist and cable ties. These will make your Sherpr experience a lot more smoother and you won't require any extra equipment for sending your suitcase.

All luggage must adhere to weight and dimension restrictions. Anything over the specified numbers below will have to incur additional fees.

20kg | 70x45x30 
30kg | 80x50x30

You can also send excess baggage using Sherpr shipping services.

Collection & deliveries?

All collection and deliveries will take place from Monday to Friday at 9am-6pm. Alternatively, you can drop your luggage at a luggage courier access point to use our suitcase shipping services.

Insurance - is luggage shipping reliable?

Sherpr offers a comprehensive and reliable luggage shipping experience. Additionally, we also offer standard insurance cover for shipping baggage, both for domestic shipping and international shipping. Please check with your travel insurance company for further cover.

How much does it cost to send a suitcase?

You can get a quote in seconds for all of our suitcase shipping services. Just click below and then enter your specifications for the luggage transfers service. Sherpr guarantees you a high quality suitcase shipping experience at competitive prices.

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