Shipping Boxes

Ship your boxes, door to door, from just £20

Why send boxes abroad with Sherpr?

Similar to sending suticase overseas, we provide a seamless door to door solution for shipping boxes up to 30kg in weight. Sherpr offers a hassle-free luggage delivery service to send boxes abroad!

What restrictions are there?

General box sizes such as 60x50x50 are accepted with our service. If they are a few cm’s over or below then this is fine to send too, please use our online quote form for a more accurate price. Your weight cannot exceed 30kg. If you do then you will be charged accordingly upon delivery.

Where can I buy boxes?

We don’t provide boxes for regular shipments. However, we recommend standard double walled boxes that will hold up to 30kg in weight.

Can I add extra items?

When using local shipping service within the UK, goods do not pass through customs, which means we can be more flexible on the contents of your items. Please refer to our prohibited items list for any items travelling outisde of the EU.

For any further questions, please refer to our FAQs for more information, or contact us on

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