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Have Sherpr take the hassle and stress out of relocating around the world with our door to door luggage and box shipping service.

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Ship your luggage and boxes, door to door, from £20

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A courier will collect your item(s) and deliver them to your final destination to over 200+ countries worldwide

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Track your item(s) every step of the way. Enjoy a hassle-free journey and on-time item arrival

”We shipped our items from Glasgow to Toronto with Sherpr. The process was seamless and the staff were always keeping us updated. Really happy with the service and would definitely use them again.”

Sarah, Glasgow

Why Sherpr?

Affordable, no hassle, door to door service

Simple Shipping

Forget the hassle and stress of moving. Sherpr’s international relocation services means you can travel to the airport hands free and avoid excess baggage queues in the knowledge that your items are on their way to their final destination. Sherpr offers discounts of up to 85% compared to other shipping services. 

Send luggage and personal items to over 200+ countries and unlike other shipping & international relocation services, we provide you with a flat rate and no additional charges.


When shipping items abroad, you will be required to provide information on the contents of your items. Sherpr will provide you with all of the relevant paperwork to have your items pass through customs quickly.

We may require proof of why you are shipping to that location for customs purposes. Please refer to our FAQs for more information, or contact us at

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Packing Considerations

Follow our guide and recommendations on how to pack your items for safe shipping


Pack your belongings in a hard or soft suitcase, but please make sure all the straps are tucked in, taped down, or taken off. For this reason, we do not accept rucksacks and holdalls. It is better to opt for a sturdy suitcase, rather than lightweight, and we do not recommend shipping designer luggage.

Place your labels in a plastic sleeve and attach it securely to the suitcases with cable ties. This will prevent the labels falling off and the bags being lost.

Do not lock your suitcase when closing it, as customs and/or the courier may need to verify the contents of your items.


We recommend shipping in a double walled box or higher. Within the boxes, we recommend packaging up individual fragile items with some form of cushioning, like bubble wrap. Ideally, spread your heavy items out between boxes rather than packing a whole box of heavy items. Include a spare copy of your label in the box for verification purposes.

”Thank you Sherpr! The service was faultless from booking, to pick up, to delivery. We were a touch nervous as we ended up shipping more than we thought but the team were brilliant, kept us updated all the way through”.

Shane, London

Popular Destinations for Relocation Services?

Ship your luggage and boxes, door to door, from just £20

What to Consider?

There are a lot of things to consider when relocating abroad; how the transfer will change your daily life and influence your family; if the health care will meet your needs and whetner or not you’ll make friends quickly.

But choosing where to move still proves challenging. Do you see yourself soaking in the sun in the idyllic Italian countryside? Or perhaps on the snowy slopes?


The USA has proven to be one of the most popular relocation countries over the past 10 years. Cities such as Dallas, Austin, Ohio, and Charlotte top the list. Check out our comprehensive guide to shipping to the USA


Bright lights, clean streets, sun and beaches. Abu Dhabi and Dubai have been a haven for expats over the past 5 years in particular. Shipping to the UAE has become more common as restrictions have lifted. Find out more on how to ship to the UAE here.


At Sherpr, we are made up of a team of people that have lived all over the world who have experienced first hand how difficult moving can be. So one thing is for sure, moving across the globe has never been easier with our global relocation services. 

Will some countries require customs paperwork? Yes. But we will provide you with all of the relevant paperwork to have your items pass through customs.


With the lure of year-round sun, sea, and beach, Australia has become one of the most popular destinations for expats. Whether traveling for a gap year or relocating, we can help you travel hands-free. Find out more about our commercial relocation services for shipping to Australia.


Opportunities in tech, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, science, and finance have attracted a large pool of expats recently. Not to mention the quaint villages secluded in the mountains for a short ski break. When shipping you must take into consideration customs. You can find out more here on how we can help.

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