Why use a Bike Box?
Due to popular demand, we have created bespoke, reusable bike boxes that ensures the safety of your bike during transit. Our bike boxes are 120 x 30 x 75 cm and allow for a maximum weight of 30kg. They have been specifically designed with couriers’ specifications in mind that allow shipments to move without any delays or extra fees, and avoid being mishandled
How much are they and what’s included?

Our reusable bike boxes are £37.99. You will also receive six styrene blocks, two heavy-duty polythene bags for your wheels, foam piping to protect your frame, box tape, cable ties.

How do I receive it/ them?

You can select your desired quantity of bike boxes during the booking process under ‘items’, before proceeding to checkout. Your box can be with you as soon as the next day and can be tracked every step of the way. Your bike box will arrive ready-made, with an instructions manual on how to disassemble and safely pack your bike.

What are they made of?

Our bike boxes are manufactured in 300 Test Kraft Double Wall C Flute Cardboard for maximum strength and lined with 25mm thick polystyrene sheets on all four sides of the interior for additional protection and durability. We will provide you with additional styrene blocks so that you can secure your bike into place.

How do I disassemble my bike?

In order to fit your bike into one of our bike boxes, you will need to disassemble your bike. This includes removing the saddle, pedals, handle bars and wheels. Don’t worry, this process takes no more than 30 minutes and we’ll provide you with step by step instructions on how to do so.