Golf Clubs Shipping

Why use our golf boxes to ship golf clubs?

We created bespoke, double-walled golf boxes to ensure the safety of your clubs as you ship golf clubs during transit with our luggage couriers.

How do the boxes work?

Our Golf Boxes are 125x30x36 cm and allow up to 24kg in weight. They have been specifically designed with couriers’ specifications in mind that allow shipments to move without any delays or extra fees, and avoid being mishandled.

Can I add any other items?

You may pack your golf shoes and other items of golf clothing when shipping golf clubs as long as it adheres to our restricted items list and does not exceed our weight limit of 24kg.

Collection & deliveries?

All collection and deliveries will take place from Monday to Friday at 9am-6pm. Alternatively, you can drop your luggage at a courier access point.

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More details on shipping golf clubs?

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