Where can I get a box for my item(s)?

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As soon as a booking is made, we will send out your courier-approved, custom-made box which comes with tape and shipping labels. Golf boxes are free with each booking and will be sent to you prior to your shipment. Bike boxes cost £37.99 and come with a manual. These boxes were built to help protect your items during transit. Please allow 24 hours notice to qualify. 

Simply select 'boxes' on our items page during the booking process.

Should you already have your own bike box, please note there is a standard £45 own box fee and please make sure that it doesn't exceed the following dimensions:

Bike Box | 20kg | 155 x 35 x 85cm

Please ensure that your items fit within the given allowances. Failure to do so may lead to refusal or surcharge and likely delays in your shipment. In this instance, Sherpr cannot be held responsible for delays and damages.