What items can I put in the boxes?

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Feel free to include any additional items that fit in the box so long as it doesn’t exceed the weight and dimension allowance (see below).

Your items will be sent back if you do include any restricted items and the cost of return shipment will be charged to you. For international shipments outside of Europe, please limit the number of items in each box, or a disbursement fee of £15 may apply. 

NB: cycling helmets are strictly prohibited from being sent via our service. Please take keep them with yourself when you travel.

Sherpr bike boxes are designed to fit a large men's road bike, with the following dimensions: 110 x 27 x 75cm. this is not suitable for mountain or time trial bikes. Please check your bike will fit suitably before purchasing. Purchases are done so at your own discretion. 

If you are using your own bike box please ensure your dimensions do not exceed 20kg |155 x 35 x85. Please note there is a standard own box fee of £45 per box, per way.