What do I do with my completed customs forms?

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After we have completed your customs forms you will need to print three copies. 

You will need to attach at least two copies of your Pro Forma paperwork to one of your items (we recommend this being the item marked 1 of X on your labels). Please ensure they are put into an envelope cleared marked as Customs Documents to ensure that the baggage handlers can identify them easily.

The remaining copy should be handed over to the driver for their own reference. 

For some countries - e.g. Australia, NZ, Canada, - there will be additional forms that we recommend completing to try and ensure the customs clearance process is as smooth as possible. It is important to thoroughly read through all of our customs guidelines to ensure you are completing all of the recommended forms.

You will need to have a copy of any additional forms included with your Pro Forma paperwork which has been attached to your baggage/box, and an additional copy would also need to be given to the driver.