Can I expect any additional fees/charges?

Created by Admin Admin Aug 04, 2017 12:48:34 PM Published in BOOKING 601 Views.

Nothing unexpected will be added to your online shopping basket.

The only time you will be charged an additional fee is if:

1. Your weight and dimensions are above the allocated allowance - larger or heavier items may incur additional charges.

2. You are shipping to the U.S / Australia / Canada. Any customs, taxes or duties are payable by you. These charges vary depending on the items being sent and charges cannot be predicted. You will be notified of the necessary charges if any, post-shipment. 

3. You wish to make any same day changes to your order. 

4. You have decided to include items listed under our restricted items section. 

5. You are using your own box. A £45 fee will be added from us that we receive from our courier partners. 

All of the above charges are applicable per journey and are charged to us by our couriers, which we are simply passing on. We reserve the right to send you an extra invoice for any of the aforementioned applicable fees. 

Aside from this, the price offered to you will be the final price, and you won’t ever be hit by any hidden fees from us, unlike the budget airlines.