How should I prepare my items for travel?

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SHERPR packaging: 

We will send your labels and packing manual (bike box only) to you in a confirmation email. 

We will send you your box and tape on a 1-2 business day delivery service on a day to suit you (excluding weekends). Please allow enough time for you to pack up your equipment before the organised collection date.

If you have purchased a SHERPR Bike Box, please follow the manual on how to assemble the box. Once complete, secure your box together with the provided SHERPR tape, following the guidelines on the box. Then stick the label in a visible area, securely. Please remember to take your tape and return label with you for your return journey.

Your own packaging:

Once your box has been packed and closed securely, attach the label to a visible area on the box. Please ensure there are no loose handles or anything that can get caught - this is vital. If you have a return journey, we advise printing the return label before your departure and keeping it in a safe place throughout your trip.

If using your own packaging, please make sure that it doesn't exceed the following dimensions:

Bike Box | 30kg | 175 x 30 x 80cm
Golf Box | 24kg | 120 x 30 x 36cm
Double Skis | 20kg | 205 x 36 x 18cm
Single Skis |15kg | 200 x 28 x 16cm
Double Snowboard | 20kg | 175 x 18 x 36cm
Single Snowboard | 20kg | 170 x 34 x 16cm

For added security and smoother transit, we only ship golf clubs/ bags in boxes. Our custom made golf boxes will be automatically sent to you prior to your shipment (see here for more info). We highly recommend all ski/snowboard travel bags are shipped in our SHERPR boxes too, for added security and smoother transit. Our boxes are £4.99 each, including p&p. SHERPR cannot be held responsible for labels that fall off of material bags if a box is not used.