1. Can I lock my bag?

    Yes, you may lock your bag. However, we advise using cable ties in case your item gets flagged for inspection by customs. In this scenario, if they cannot easily gain access to the contents, it may result in damage to your bags. 

    Please note, if sending your equipment to France, by rule, packages will be opened if delivered to a public establishment. 

  2. I already have a SHERPR box from a previous trip, do I need to buy one again?

    If you already have a SHERPR box, this is great. Our boxes are extremely hardwearing and perfect for multiple journeys. If you would like a new box just let us know or select the quantity you would like online during the booking process. Boxes can be prone to damage in transit so if you are reusing a box you have had for sometime please ensure it is in good condition before reusing the box. Please note that our couriers may refuse a box if it's not in good condition.

  3. Where can I get a box for my item(s)?

    As soon as a booking is made, we will send out your courier-approved, custom-made box which comes with tape and shipping labels. Golf and Snowsport boxes are free with each booking and will be sent to your prior to your shipment. Bike boxes cost £37.99 and come with a manual. These boxes were built to help protect your items during transit. Please allow 24 hours notice to qualify. 

    Simply select 'boxes' on our items page during the booking process.

    Should you already have your own bike box, please make sure that it doesn't exceed the following dimensions:

    Bike Box | 30kg | 155 x 35 x 85cm

    Please ensure that your items fit within the given allowances. Failure to do so may lead to refusal or surcharge and likely delays in your shipment. In this instance, SHERPR cannot be held responsible for delays and damages.

  4. How do I attach my shipment label?

    We recommend you enclose your label and any accompanying forms in a plastic wallet, this should then be attached to your item ensuring it is clearly visible. Please remove all other labels that may have previously been attached. 

  5. Do I print and attach the labels myself?

    Yes, we will send your labels via email, you will need to print these and secure them to your packaging. Please ensure to secure your label(s) with a plastic cover and plenty of tape without obstructing the bar code or address.

    We also recommend that you include a copy of the delivery address inside. 

  6. Can I use my own Ski/Snow bag?

    No, SHERPR does not accept ski or snowboard bags. This is due to labels falling off snowboard/ski bag material during transit.

    With every snowsport equipment order SHERPR will include a bespoke snowsport equipment box,  please ensure your items are within the dimensions before booking

    • 195 x 38 x16 | 20kgs

  7. What items can I put in the boxes?

    Feel free to include any additional sporting gear (e.g jacket/gloves/towels) that fit in the box so long as it doesn’t exceed the weight and dimension allowance (see below). Please restrict the contents to the relevant sports equipment and do not include any restricted items. Your items will be sent back if you do include any restricted items and the cost of return shipment will be charged to you. For international shipments outside of Europe, please limit the number of items in each box, or a disbursement fee of £15 may apply. 

    Bike Box | 30kg | 120 x 30 x 75cm
    Golf Box | 24kg | 120 x 30 x 36cm
    SnowSport Equipment Box | 20kg | 195 x 38 x 16cm

    NB: ski/snowboard/ cycling helmets are strictly prohibited from being sent via our service. Please take keep them with yourself when you travel.

    SHERPR bike boxes are designed to fit a large men's road bike, with the following dimensions: 110 x 27 x 75cm. For mountain bikes or any other bikes, please check your bike will fit suitably. Purchases are done so at your own discretion. 

    If you are using your own bike box please ensure your dimensions do not exceed 30kg |155 x 35 x85

  8. Can I use my own bike box?

    Yes you can, when placing a booking please check the ‘I am using my own bike box’ tick-box under the ‘Items’ section. 

    There is an additional £35 charge per bike, each way to all bookings using their own bike box, this is to cover large package surcharges our couriers impose. Please note any bike box larger than 110 x 27 x 75 cm (30kg) may be subject to additional charges - please contact the team for a bespoke quote. Alternatively, you can purchase a SHERPR Bike Box which is designed to flow through the courier system easily, reducing delays and unexpected fees.

    SHERPR will not accept items over 155 x 35 x 85 please ensure your box does not exceed these dimensions. If you have any questions about using your own box please contact us on +44 (0)2039506616 or

  9. How should I prepare my items for travel?

    SHERPR packaging: 

    We will send your labels and packing manual (bike box only) to you in a confirmation email. 

    We will send you your box and tape on a 1-2 business day delivery service on a day to suit you (excluding weekends). Please allow enough time for you to pack up your equipment before the organised collection date.

    If you have purchased a SHERPR Bike Box, please follow the manual on how to assemble the box. Once complete, secure your box together with the provided SHERPR tape, following the guidelines on the box. Then stick the label in a visible area, securely. Please remember to take your tape and return label with you for your return journey.

    Your own packaging:

    Once your box has been packed and closed securely, attach the label to a visible area on the box. Please ensure there are no loose handles or anything that can get caught - this is vital. If you have a return journey, we advise printing the return label before your departure and keeping it in a safe place throughout your trip.

    If using your own packaging for bikes, please make sure that it doesn't exceed the following dimensions:

    Bike Box | 30kg | 155 x 35 x 85cm

    For added security and smoother transit, we only ship golf clubs/ bags in boxes. Our custom made golf boxes will be automatically sent to you prior to your shipment (see here for more info). This also applies to all snowsports equipment.

  10. Can I order a box without a shipment?

    Yes, if you would like to purchase a bike box only please head over to to view our current range of bike boxes.

    Unfortunately, we do not offer this option for our golf or snow-sport equipment boxes. These are provided as a part of bookings only.