1. I have multiple shipments; how does it work?

    Our couriers can send multiple items under the same booking. Whilst your items will never be separated from one another each item will still hold its own, unique tracking number. Each item will have its own label which must be attached securely before collection.

  2. How will I receive my labels?

    We will send you your labels in PDF format. You'll see this/these attached to your confirmation email once your booking has been finalised. Please print it, place it into a plastic cover and secure it on with plenty of tape without obstructing the bar code or address. 

  3. How far in advance do I need to book?

    Please ensure to book as early as possible.

    As transit times vary for each country, we advise you to give us at least 14 business days notice prior to your departure date. This will also allow enough time for us to send out your box(es), if you need them. 

    All golf bookings come with complimentary golf boxes, up to the number of golf clubs booked. We will send you your golf box(es) before your collection date, on a day that suits you.
  4. How do I book?

    The best way to book with us is via our easy-to-use online booking form. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on our live chat system, call us on +44 (0) 2039506616 or email us at

  5. What happens next?

    Once you have placed your booking, we will contact you to explain the procedure and to confirm addresses and dates with you. Once we have finalized the details, we will process your shipment and send you an email confirmation with your electronic shipment labels attached and tracking number(s) for your reference.

    If you've ordered a luggage shipment, you will receive a 'Sherpr pack' with luggage tags, instructions, and cable ties. 

    If you've ordered a box, you will receive your box on a next day delivery service, along with tape and an instruction manual. Please secure your label(s) onto your box(es). Lastly, make sure someone is in for the delivery and pick-up dates, and enjoy your trip.

    Please note, all collections and deliveries are 09:00 – 18:00.

  6. Should I contact the hotel or resort that my items are being shipped to?

    Yes please, we require you to contact the relevant establishment and ensure they are happy to accept and sign for the package(s). If you have entrusted the arrival of your goods to one individual we recommend you ensure their name is listed as the contact on the label or within the delivery instructions. 

  7. Can I cancel or change my order?

    Prior to your order being booked and confirmed with the courier: You may change or cancel your booking at no extra cost.

    After your order has been booked and confirmed with the courier: You may change your order for an additional fee of £5 for 1-3 items or £20 for 4+ items. For cancellations, you may arrange for a refund, less the administration fee of £20 per item or, credit the full value against future bookings with no administration fee. 

    Same day changes will incur an additional fee of £5.

  8. Can I expect any additional fees/charges?

    Nothing unexpected will be added to your online shopping basket.

    The only time you will be charged an additional fee is if:

    1. Your weight and dimensions are above the allocated allowance - larger or heavier items may incur additional charges.

    2. You are shipping to the U.S / Australia / Canada. Any customs, taxes or duties are payable by you. These charges vary depending on the items being sent and charges cannot be predicted. You will be notified of the necessary charges if any, post-shipment. 

    3. You wish to make any same day changes to your order. 

    4. You have decided to include items listed under our restricted items section. 

    5. You are using your own box. A £45 fee will be added from us that we receive from our courier partners. 

    All of the above charges are applicable per journey and are charged to us by our couriers, which we are simply passing on. We reserve the right to send you an extra invoice for any of the aforementioned applicable fees. 

    Aside from this, the price offered to you will be the final price, and you won’t ever be hit by any hidden fees from us, unlike the budget airlines.

  9. Are there any destinations you do not send to?

    Yes, Unfortunately, we do not currently ship to the following countries due to issues with customs:


  10. I do not see the country I want my equipment to be collected from, what should I do?

    This is fine, if the country you want us to collect from is in the drop-down menu for delivery then we can collect from that destination too. Our website does not offer this option just yet but if you just start a conversation with our friendly team using our chat function on the site they will tell you the best way to book this.

    Alternatively, contact us on +4420239506616 or