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Ship your luggage and boxes, door to door, from £20

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Why Sherpr?

Forget the hassle and stress of airports and airlines, miss-handled goods and excess baggage shipping fees. Choose an efficient local shipping company you can trust. Sherpr’s domestic shipping service means you can travel to the airport hands free and avoid excess baggage queues.

- 5 Star customer reviews
- Live chat and support 7 days a week
- Seamless hassle free bike shipping & bike delivery

Affordable rates

Get up to 85% discount on shipping rates with Sherpr verses direct with a baggage courier, and unlike airlines, we provide you with a flat rate for domestic luggage shipping with no additional charges.

You can track your items every step of the way and if you have any questions about your shipment you can contact our customer support team on where we will be happy to assist you.

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“Excellent experience. First time to use Sherpr but it will not be the last. Takes the hassle factor out of transporting golf clubs and heavy suitcases, also cost effective.”

G.Kellher, London

Service & Packaging

Affordanle no hassle, door to door local shipping service

How does the domestic shipping service work?

Once you have booked, we will send you domestic labels to ship within the UK. You can select our standard next day service, or upgrade to our Express next day for a pre - 12.30pm delivery.

Our domestic shipping service is perfect for students and those who are looking to relocate with bulky items or send luggage within the UK.


When shipping boxes and items within the UK, goods do not pass through customs, which means we can be more flexible on the contents of your items.

All items must be packed in a suitcase, or a box. We do not accept duffle bags nor any other form of bag such as a rucksack or a laundry bag. Please refer to our FAQs for more information, or contact us on

Great service and value for money. Good communication and I would highly recommend Sherpr”.

Duonne, Berlin

Packing Considerations

Follow our guide and recommendations on how to pack your items for safe shipping


Pack your belongings in a hard or soft suitcase, but please make sure all the straps are tucked in, taped down, or taken off. For this reason, we do not accept rucksacks and holdalls. It is better to opt for a sturdy suitcase, rather than lightweight, and we do not recommend shipping designer luggage.

Place your labels in a plastic sleeve and attach it securely to the suitcases with cable ties. This will prevent the labels falling off and the bags being lost.

Do not lock your suitcase when closing it, as customs and/or the courier may need to verify the contents of your items.


We recommend shipping in a double walled box or higher. Within the boxes, we recommend packaging up individual fragile items with some form of cushioning, like bubble wrap. Ideally, spread your heavy items out between boxes rather than packing a whole box of heavy items. Include a spare copy of your label in the box for verification purposes.

“From initial enquiry (and number of subsequent daft questions from me), to pick up and delivery, we could not fault the service or teams involved. Competitively priced, quality service- a real sanity saver! Cannot recommend more highly.”

Elaine, Cambridge


We offer storage for customers all year round

Store your items with our local shipping services

Do you need storage? Relocating but not arriving within the allocated shipping time? Travelling for a while, or simply don’t want to take your items home for a while? We can help you with this!

We can store anything in a box and/or suticase. Please note that we do not accept items open or unpacked.

Pricing for Luggage Delivery Within the UK

You can purchase space with us all year round. Ship golf clubs, bikes or luggage and have your items collected from any address in the UK and then delivered back to the same address, or to another address of your choice anywhere in the world.

Get in contact at to send luggage within the UK, outlining the number of items and the length of time needed for storage and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

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