Bike Shipping

Why use a bike box for bike delivery?

Due to popular demand to send bikes, we have created bespoke bike boxes that ensure the safety of your bike transport.

How much are they?

Our bike boxes are £37.99, including shipping. All bike boxes will be sent to you within 1-2 days of your order.

How large are they?

Our bike boxes are 110 x 27 x 75cm and allow for a maximum weight of 30kg. They have been specifically designed to fit within luggage courier dimensions and allow shipments to move without any delays or extra fees. All boxes will fit a standard road bike frame size of up to 58cm

How do I disassemble my bike?

In order to fit your bike into one of our bike boxes, you will need to disassemble your bike. Once booked, we will send you instructions for bike shipping on how to pack, or alternatively, you can follow the video instructions below.

How do I pack my bike?

You will receive all of the nessasery items to pack your bike, including two foam blocks, two heavy-duty polythene bags for your wheels, foam piping to protect your frame, box tape, cable ties and documents enclosed pouches.

Can I use my own bike box for bike transport?

You may use your own bike box at a charge of £45 each way. Please select 'I am using my own bike box' during the booking process.

Collection & deliveries?

All collection and deliveries will take place from Monday to Friday at 9am-6pm. Alternatively, you can drop your luggage at a bike courier access point.

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More details on bike couriers?

For further information on sending boxes of all sorts please refer to our FAQ's
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